Press "Enter" to skip to content and Honeywell Bets on High-tech Fashionable Masks teamed up with Honeywell to unleash two extraordinary versions of High-tech Face Masks. The High-tech Face Masks will get recognizable in the global markets as the Xupermask. Society is going through the coronavirus pandemic, while is asserting people to utilize the high-tech masks as facial coverings.

The rapper and entrepreneur announced on Tuesday that he teamed up with Honeywell to bring masks that combine protection, design, and usability into one product. The Black Eyed Peas Founder suggested that in the coming times, the masks would be valuable to customers much like a pair of Air Jordan shoes to sneakerheads.“The mask should have the same type of attention to detail, love, and care to where you’re not compromising aesthetics for keeping yourself and other people safe,” said on the talk show “Mad Money.”

The mask also aims to make breathing through the masks a convenient one. The unique Xupermask has a patented filter design, which uses top-notch filtration without sacrificing the fashion aspect. John Waldron along with his team at Honeywell would deliver the HEPA filters.The price aspect is a talking point as the Xupermask retails for $299. Although argues that the value determined is in the best interest of the buyers contemplating the quirkiness and functionality of the High-tech Face Masks. described the masks as having a futuristic sci-fi film inspiration, which was brought by designer Jose Fernandez. He recommends that the Xupermask is a technically protective yet fashionable mask. If people are relying on other functionalities with masks, then these High-tech Face Masks would be the perfect fit for the buyer.

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