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Vineyard in Virginia Inclined to Propel Agriculture

Revalation Vineyard situated in Madison County, Virginia is an exquisite landscape surrounded with the most beautiful view. The winery is located on the Hebron Valley offering a wide expanse of land. The Vineyard is owned by a coupled, Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, and Julian Moiseiwitsch. At Revelation Vineyard, they have been focused on the sustainability of agriculture, biotechnology aspects of growing grapes, and anthropology.

The couple does not only produce health grapes but also helps people around them to adopt correct agriculture pattens, and reach their maximum potential. The Madison County president of the Literacy Council Fay Utz shared his experience working with Francoise. She has been an active board of director member adding her expertise, and insights contributing valuable efforts.

Francoise has been known to be very committed to the community. Julian, and Francoise initially coming from different scientific backgrounds acquired sufficient understanding of wine science, and the wine making industry before setting a foot into the industry. the Vineyard was established in 2014 now securing 10 acres of land. Revalation Vineyard have introduced award winning wine listing.

At present, Revalation sheds 10% of its sales to the Literacy Council once every month. The Moiseiwitsch coupled have dedicated their time to enhance the agriculture prosperity, and performance despite their individually busy lives. They offer classes on mathematics and other necessary training for individuals seeking help.In the near future, the couple intends to invest $2.3 million for the construction of a wine-production facility. The plan is to expand the winery’s tasting room.

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