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Vaccine Distribution Affected due to the Extreme Winter Weather

The extreme winter weather conditions in the United States have been affecting the Covid-19 vaccine distribution here in Arizona. “The winter storms have delayed this week’s delivery of vaccine doses to our state,” says the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

Due to this delay, some local health departments informed ADHS that they have had to cancel appointments for the next two days. ADHS assures that enough Pfizer shots are available in Arizona state vaccination centers and other sites to maintain the process without interruption.

Maricopa County informed ADHS that they will continue to supply throughout the day tomorrow and not cancel appointments as of yet. They also will be in complete coordination with ADHS. ABC 15 is in continuous coordination with the ADHS.

There are tweets on Twitter stating, “The extreme winter weather affecting much of the rest of the country has delayed this week’s delivery of Covid-19 vaccine doses to Arizona. Because of these weather-related delays, some local health departments have had to cancel appointments in the next two days. At this time, it appears there are enough Pfizer doses available for state vaccination sites and other sites administering Pfizer to maintain operations without interruption. ADHS is in regular contact with federal and local partners to monitor this situation.”

To monitor the situation, ADHS is in regular contact with federal and local partners. They will ensure that the process is not disturbed and goes on as planned.

Snow and ice storms across the country have forced health authorities to cancel many of the vaccination appointments. Due to Houston’s power loss, the public health agency had to give out several vaccine doses before getting spoiled without power backup.

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