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US Military Confirmed an Interstellar Meteorite Hit Earth

The mysterious oblong object Oumuamua is likely to go down in history as the first known Interstellar visitor to be discovered in our solar system. Still, it’s now evident that a chunk of cosmic debris that struck our atmosphere a few years ago also originated from extremely deep space. Two Harvard academics who researched Oumuamua in-depth published a new report in 2019.

A new study was published claiming that an exceptionally fast meteorite that burned a path through the atmosphere in 2014 was likewise Interstellar. For years, the impact’s record and indications about its odd origin had been hidden in plain sight in a NASA fireball database.

Siraj recently informed that the research has been delayed because part of the data needed to substantiate the scientists’ estimates has been classified by the US military.That bureaucratic stumbling block looks to have been broken. After deputy commander, Lt. Gen. John Shaw confirmed its existence at the annual Space Symposium in Colorado, an unusual email from US Space Command to NASA’s scientific director was posted via the USSC Twitter account last week.

The meteorite was thought to be rather tiny, about the size of a microwave. This indicates that the great bulk of it burnt away in the atmosphere, with the remainder falling into the Pacific Ocean. Siraj is considering hunting for any surviving fragments on the ocean floor, which Loeb believes may include evidence of life from distant star systems.

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