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US Department of Defense and India’s Defense Ministry Collaborate to Develop Weapon Technology

Both US and India have agreed to develop air-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (ALUAV). The project includes research & development and, testing & evaluation. The new agreement between the two nations aims to facilitate cooperation in developing Weapons Technologies.The agreement was signed in late July 2021 between the defense departments of the two nations as a part of the Defence technology and trade initiative (DTTI).

The agreement falls under research & development and testing & evaluation between the two nations. Initially, both the nations had signed the agreement in 2006 and later renewed it in 2015, states the release. This agreement showcases the deepened ties between the two nations regarding the development of defense equipment.

This renewed collaboration between the two countries aims to bring sustained leadership focus to accelerate the development of collaborative technologies. In addition to this, the collaboration aims to exchange and create opportunities for co-development and co-production of Weapons Technologies for the military forces of both countries.

Under the DTTI, joint working groups have been established to develop naval, air, land, and aircraft carriers. The working groups will focus on the projects mutually agreed upon by the two nations in the aforementioned domains. The project is considered a huge accomplishment for the air systems. The key departments for executing the agreement are Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) at DRDO, Aerospace Systems Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Indian Air Force, and US Air Forces.

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