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Undersea Volcanic Eruption raises pacific island

Images of the new pacific island captured hours after the Tonga Volcanic Eruption. NASA’s Operational Land Imager 2 captured a stunning image from satellite of a brand new emerging pacific island, rising 11 hours after the massive underwater Volcanic Eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai.

The size of the island reported on 14th September was around 4,000 meters per square. But on 20th September, the size of the island reported was around 24,000 meters per square. NASA claimed that usually islands formed due to underwater Volcanic Eruption do not last long. But some of them exist forever. Although, the frequency of earthquakes are higher in the Tonga region.

Earlier reports regarding this Volcanic Eruption states that it shooted millions of tons of water into the stratosphere, the second level of the atmosphere. The water blast was huge and happened for the first time in the entire history. The scientists are quite shocked after this unusual incident.

Since it happened for the first time, the scientists are trying to figure out the damage to be done by the side-effects of this volcano eruption. It has been assumed so far that since the water vapors went up in the stratosphere it is going to raise the temperature of Earth, making it warmer for the next few years.

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