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Twitter can now set new rules invite or remove people with its new Communities launch

Twitter has launched its first Communities and will also allow users to create their own community but can set new rules for the communities, add or remove people. Twitter now on will have its own moderators that will be able to take the aforementioned actions and take multiple other actions as well.

The micro-blogging site with its announcement of the new feature “Communities” will become similar to the Facebook’s popular groups. On the communities group users will be able to share their opinions or discuss on a topic.

The Twitter community will have its own moderators who can independently set rules, invite, or even remove people who fail to follow the set policies by the platform. Twitter to create its first communities group invited a handful of people. The platform will allow the users create their own group and the own website.

If users are interested in creating communities in certain topics such as southern hemisphere, or may want to discuss on soup, the users can do it.Twitter is launching a handful of communities such as #SoleFood, #Skincare, #Dog, and #Astro for users interested discussing on these topics. expects new more communities on the website.The users can access the communities group through their navigation bar on their handle on iOS devices and whereas on the website the users can access the communities group through the sidebar.

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