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The United States Appears to be Losing Ground in the Battle against High Blood Pressure

Previous research had indicated that in the early years of the 21st century, Americans with high Blood Pressure had managed the situation better before rates increased in 2009-2014.The latest study, published Monday in the Hypertension journal, focused on national health survey data from 2015 to 2018 of almost 4,000 participants.

In the last six years, the researchers compared the control, consciousness, therapy, and efficacy of high with over 6,000 persons.The control rate – which decreased to a certain amount of Blood Pressure – had dropped by 7.5%.”The drop is really high,” said Dr. Brent Egan, the primary author of the study. “In four years, we lost about ten years of advancement.”

Researchers did not discover any discrepancies in Blood Pressure regulation by age, race, or ethnicity. “We were startled by how widespread the reduction (in control) was,” said Egan, the American Medical Association’s vice president for cardiovascular health. However, not all of the control rates dropped.

Despite the growth in obesity and diabetes, the study showed that there were increasing prescriptions of just a single medication, two illnesses which, according to the report, demand “more intense therapy for management of hypertension.”Where health workers are unable to prescribe numerous medicines – and patients are reticent to take them, “A combination of two or three Blood Pressure medicines in a single pill is the potential answer,” says Egan.

The results indicated decreasing rates of awareness, treatment, and treatment efficacy, even if everybody had equal access to medical care. That shows a decline in the quality of treatment for high Blood Pressure diagnostics and management, Egan said, which may be due to patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and obesity overwhelming primary care providers.

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