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Tech Companies Appeals the Government to Initiate the TMF Funds

Tech Companies didn’t feel assured about the Technology Modernization Fund. They are calling on the government to revise its process for doling out the Funds. On Wednesday, reports circulated across the state that the government has received $1 billion for urgent IT and Cybersecurity projects.

Office of Management and Budget and the General Services Administration have been open to suggestions from the Tech companies on the allocation of TMF. The colossal tech companies expressed their opinion asking the authorities to proactively fund the TMF projects. Agencies delineated that the repayment requirements should get ameliorated amid the shockwaves of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, the lawmakers opted to splurge $1 billion in the American Rescue Plan Act resulting in ambiguity among the Tech Giants. The money remains unspent, there has no prominent rescue plan, what else could go wrong with the Tech companies? Agencies have retaliated with the hope that the Government responds swiftly to their erupting concerns. The industries got worried about overseeing the criticalness of the emergency recovery projects.

“You can’t have OMB and GSA just sit around and wait for agencies’ projects,” Matthew Cornelius, executive director of ADI, told FedScoop. Over the grueling times, the agencies have waited patiently for the investment in the Tech companies. Tech companies suggest five crucial elements of investment in their letter. The elements included federal operations, citizen services, remote work, cybersecurity shared services, and secure cloud adoption.

The pandemic highlights the government’s struggles in identifying the vital aspect of concern. Last month, the SolarWinds hack left around nine agencies compromised. It signified the need for an urgent rescue protocol for vulnerability management,  and secure remote work capabilities. GSA should immediately tap its army of tech and acquisitions professionals inside the Technology Transformation Service Centres of Excellence to commence flagging the government’s enormous enterprise and shared service challenges.

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