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Supersonic asteroid speeding towards Earth

A Supersonic asteroid is speeding towards planet Earth Asteroids have been passing by Earth from a very long period of time. A Supersonic asteroid is discovered to be speeding up towards the planet with a speed of 9 kilometres per second, which is almost 10 times the speed of NATO rifle bullet.

Scientists at NASA clarified the asteroid will not hit Earth at any chance. It will pass through from a distance of approximately 4 million km away. However, if the asteroid 2022 QC7 did manage to hit Earth as it is not massive enough to cause destruction.

The scientists explained, asteroid with around 140 meters of diameter may cause the same impact like that of an atomic bomb. And even a larger asteroid like the Apophis asteroid which is about 300 meters in diameter can cause destruction in an entire continent. However, Asteroid 2022 QC7 is small in size and can only cause an explosion.

NASA is trying several experiments like the DART mission (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), in which they are sending spacecrafts specifically designed to hit certain asteroids to analyse the impact of the collision and if it can be altered for future safety.

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