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Siemen Lands an Order of $3.4 Bn from US Amtrak

Siemens Mobility said that it had landed on to an order of $3.4 billion received from the US National Rail Transportation Company, known as Amtrak, for roughly 73 trains that will be driven by hybrid engines, as reported on Wednesday.

The order for the trains, which will play an essential role in the transport passage in the counties of North-Eastern United States, has an option to be extended by up to 140 additional units, Siemens Mobility said in a statement.Amtrak CEO, Bill Flynn, said that the new trains would change the traditional travel done in rails or by railways.

They will change their navy crew members aged 40 to 50 years old, with modern trains and systems that are made and manufactured in the United States. Siemens Mobility said in the order that it is the largest ever order in the United States, which would include both maintenance and service.

The CEO of Siemens Mobility, Michael Peter, said that they believe the battery hybrid drives and dual-power trains will play a significant role in reducing the emissions of harmful gases released from trains and protecting the environment in the United States.Siemens Mobility is known to be the trusted partner for sustainable and unified service of public transport solutions related to rails and roads. Siemens has been an essential provider of infrastructure, electrification and transportation solutions for more than 160 years, along with almost 4,000 employees and more than 2,000 suppliers all across the United States.

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