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Senate Encourages U.S. Science and Technology Innovation Competing with China

Senate passed an expansive bill focusing on rejuvenating United State’s technology footprint competing with China. The bill passed by the Senate on Tuesday, June 08, has headed to the House, where it is facing somewhat a competing environment with a hazy future.

The Innovation and Competition Act has been acknowledged by the legislation to draw bipartisan support owing to the promise of bolstering the competitive edge of America by billion-dollar investments in scientific and technological innovations, including research activities associated with artificial intelligence, robotics, as well as computer chips. The bill passes with a 68 to 32 followed after dramatic sessions for hours with many behind-the-scene negotiations and last-minute amendments. Senate leaders ultimately canned it with no compromise until the lawmakers had returned from the Memorial Day recess without any compromised solution.

President Joe Biden encouraged the bill’s structure, stating that investments of such nature will enhance the American Jobs Plan focusing on American Innovation and workers. Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer, assessed the bill to a significant part of legislation and will significantly impact the American economy and jobs. He also stated that this is the largest investment in a long time, specifically for scientific research and technological innovations.

A bill is an efficient tool in enhancing research and technology fundings, increasing the competitive advantage, strengthening national security, and growing economic status.U.S. Intelligence officials have cast China, currently, the second-largest economy, as an unparalleled threat, increasing their military expanse and technological superiority.

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