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Senate confirms Xavier Becerra as HHS secretary

The Senate has appointed California attorney general Xavier Becerra as secretary of Health and Human Services. This announcement was made on Thursday as the US plans to get rid of Covid 19 and get back to normal by summer.

Maine Republican Susan Collins joined all of the Democrats present in the 50-49 vote. It was the tightest tally for any of Biden’s Cabinet picks to date and an unusually narrow margin for a Health and human services secretary. He has become the first Latino to head the sprawling federal health department. The nomination stalled for weeks by a stalemate over how Democrats and Republicans would share power in a 50-50 Senate.

Xavier Becerra, who served in the US House of Representatives for 26 years as a member of Democratic leadership, will oversee an expansion of the care act which is called Obamacare. The Republicans opposed the nomination due to the lack of experience on health matters and his support for expanding the government’s role in providing health care.

Xavier Becerra Will oversees the department of health and human services. It has more than 80,000 employees in the United States and abroad. The agency is responsible for Obamacare, disease control, and health research to the gigantic Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs which are for the older Americans, the poor, and the disabled.

There is a drop in the virus spread in the U.S.The country is recording about 54,800 Covid-19 cases and at least 1,200 deaths every day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 15.5% of adults, and 37.6% of people over 65, are fully vaccinated

Becerra will also have an important part to play when the Biden administration moves on to health-care reform. President Joe Biden has backed the creation of a Medicare-like public insurance option and changes to control the cost of drugs and care.

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