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Scientists Discover Dinosaur Species With Short Arms

A new Species of Dinosaur has been found by palaeontologists in Argentina, and it resembles the Tyrannosaurus rex in terms of its large skull and small limbs.A research that was published on Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology described the meat-eating Species, Meraxes gigas.

According to a press statement, the Dinosaur, which belonged to the Carcharodontosaurids group, was over four tonnes in weight and around 36 feet long. The Species was named after a dragon from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, which served as the basis for the HBO television show “Game of Thrones.”

Although Meraxes gigas and T. rex both have short Arms, Juan Canale of Argentina’s Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum, the study’s project leader, claimed there is no obvious connection between the two. He claimed that Meraxes gigas went extinct roughly 20 million years before T. rex. He said that the Arms of the new Species “had some kind of purpose.” According to the press release, researchers have discovered that a Dinosaur limbs would be smaller the greater its skull.

My gut feeling is that their limbs were exploited for other purposes. They may have held the female during mating or supported themselves to stand back up after a fall or break as examples of reproductive behaviour. b Canale stated that, Arms aside, aspects of the cranium were “probably utilised” to draw in other Dinosaur. The evolutionary force of sexual selection is strong. However, we can’t be assured about this because we can’t watch their conduct in person.

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