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Satellites Might Know An Interesting Fact About Water Glaciers

Water Glaciers are melting faster, losing 31 percent more snow and ice components more than they ever could have imagined. In the last 15 years, the melting point has been far less than what it is today, and the scientists asserting the blame on human-caused climate changes is gelling together.

Using 20 years of declassified satellite data on Water Glaciers, the scientists calculated the pace at which the mountain glaciers are losing their grip from the ranges. It is predicted that around 220,000 mountain glaciers are losing more than 328 billion tons of ice and snow per year since 2015. Global thinning rates, different than the volume of water lost, doubled in the last 20 years, and “that’s enormous,” said Romain Hugonnet, a glaciologist at ETH Zurich and the University of Toulouse in France who led the study.

The staggering aspect of the meltdown of the Water Glaciers is that half of the glacial loss is coming from the United States and Canada. The scientists discovered the reason behind it and found out the increase in substantial industrial pollution, releasing hazardous gases in the atmosphere to be one of the primitive factors.

Alaska’s melt rates are among the highest in the world, with the Columbia glacier retreating about 115 feet (35 meters) a year. It is the storyline of meltdown that has been hidden in the dark for ages. Even the most stabilized Water Glaciers are facing the impact of the meltdown. The near-uniform melting “mirrors the global increase in temperature” and is from the burning of coal, oil, and gas, Hugonnet said. Some smaller glaciers are disappearing to the deepened shores, and it has turned out to be a massive overhaul. Two years ago, scientists, activists, and government officials in Iceland held a funeral for a small glacier.

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