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Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 Now Launching With Exciting Features

Surprisingly, a new doorbell cam comes for $250, in the age of $20 smart cameras and $60 video doorbells. What is so special about this camera? The Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 costs precisely $250 with a slew of impressive features. From 3D radar to 1536 resolution angle video, the doorbell has it all.

The Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a luxury item, although the potential of the product is yet to be witnessed. In 2017, Rings launched the Video Doorbell Pro with the same high price tag, whose path Pro 2 follows. Unlike the predecessor, the new model boasts about its exciting features.

The Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 can track the motion of a person approaching the door in more detail with the radar. One can set physical thresholds to determine if the person is notification worthy or not. It also provides a bird’s eye view of the front yard with a dotted line demonstrating the person’s path. In case you are worried about someone casing the house, this is an incredible feature to wear of your worries.

The resolution of the camera is higher than any other Ring doorbells or those of competitors. The best part is that the users can now see all the way down to the doorstep. This means that any parcels left at the door will now be visible, leaving nothing out of sight.

The $150 Arlo Video Doorbell also features an aspect ratio that enables the user to see the packages left beside the door. The feature should be adopted by as many video doorbell makers as possible.

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