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Race Between Variants and Vaccine in the US

Experts have discovered a tough race between the contagious Variants and the Covid 19 vaccinations. There is spread of virus threatening another dangerous surge and the eased restrictions only further complicate things.

Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health said it is going to be a close call.  Many people are getting vaccinated. These variants are spreading pretty quickly across the country, that’s the bad news.The governors in Texas and Mississippi are among at least a dozen state leaders that have eased restrictions this month with many stating that there are improved Covid-19 numbers and increased vaccinations.

According to Johns Hopkins University data Mississippi, has seen new cases jump 19% from last week. The state has an average of 463 new cases per day. Case counts have been increasing over the last eight days. In 15 states, new Covid-19 cases reported over the week that ended on Tuesday there were at least 10% higher than a week ago.two of those states Minnesota and Michigan cases were more than 40% higher in the previous week.

Aspirin can help prevent blood clots and people who have had a heart attack are often advised to take a baby aspirin every day.Team of doctors looked at the records of 412 patients admitted to several US hospitals between March and July 2020. About 24% of the patients got aspirin within 24 hours of hospital admission, or in the seven days before hospital admission. But 76% did not receive medication.

Nearly 52 million vaccine doses had been administered in the US, and about 15.1% of the population had received at least one dose. But vaccination coverage was about 2 percentage points higher in counties with low social vulnerability than in counties with high social vulnerability.

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