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Power loss saw the city of Texas scramble to dispense 5,000 vaccination doses

A harsh winter stroke broke out in the quarters of Harris Country, resulting in power loss across the city of Texas. Health officials stated that due to the power cut, they failed to scramble the administration of 5,000 vaccination doses for healthcare workers.

Harris County was safeguarding the Moderna vaccine while the power loss happened on Monday and affected the freezers that kept the 8,430 vaccination doses at the containment temperature and expired.

Even after facing a dreadful consequence of power loss, the Health Officials were able to salvage almost 3,000 vaccination doses by rigorous efforts, and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo confronted the same at a news conference on Monday evening-

“We got to work under the mission to avoid losing those vaccines with the loss of power, and we quickly put together a plan to allocate and to salvage them,”

The county’s judge divulged to put a plan into place to hasten the vaccination doses allocated to areas where there were large groups of people present, as it won’t require too much transport, and efficient medical personnel would be in attendance to ascertain the allocation properly.

The severe calamities were soon turned into a bag of happiness, as the judge affirmed- that the centers guided the health officials to re-refrigerate the remaining doses, which they thought would expire in a few hours.

Hidalgo was full in support of the health officials and said words of appreciation for them, as she quoted-

“These are folks in hospitals who themselves and their families have been working around the clock to keep patients safe from COVID,”

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