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Chief Editor:

Manuel Douglas
Chief Editor

Precision and unique narration capabilities are native to Manuel A. Douglas, Chief Editor at The Market Gazette. His distinctive writing style appeals to the readers, while his editing skills inspire his team to push beyond perfection. He is best known for his commitment towards work and always delivers before time. He is responsible for a well-knit staff of employees at our organization. He emphasizes on team building and team bonding activities, which he believes to be the pillars of uncompromised success.


Jessica Camarillo
Sub Editor

Working closely under the guidance of Manuel A. Douglas, Jessica A. Camarillo is the dedicated sub-editor of The Market Gazette and echoes equivalent zeal and spontaneity in her work as her mentor. Her uniqueness is her ability to work under strict deadlines, besides having an excellent gift of time management. Her interpersonal skills and team management abilities are impeccable. She is also revered for her interpersonal skills which have materialized several ambitious business liaisons in the past, aligning with our long term business goals.

Phone: +17754557258


Robert Wilder
Health Section

Robert C. Wilder has been consistently working in our organization for over a decade and has a demonstrated career of authoring several dedicated health and wellness research reports that have been published on multiple platforms both print and online media. Wilder also boasts of a celebrated educational profile, with a master’s degree in Biochemistry. Prior to his stint at The Market Gazette, he was working as a keen medical writer with several esteemed organizations.


Elizabeth Lane
Science Section

Elizabeth A. Lane is a highly skilled writer with unique capabilities of writing both informative and entertaining content covering all scientific developments. From trivial experiments ending as scientific goof-up to profound scientific exploration, capable of changing the futuristic course of action, Elizabeth emerges as a unique resource to harness tremendous readership. Having graduated in Physics, Elizabeth has interned with several organizations to hone her writing capabilities and eventually shaped her flourishing career as a full-time writer.

Phone: +17754557258

Clint Henderson
Technology Section

A flair for writing and ample creative juices coupled with an ardently inclination towards exploring technologies have helped Clint P. Henderson to shape himself as a competent technical writer. Owing to the complexities of the subject itself, Henderson goes the extra mile to convert technical jargons into their lucid counterparts to suit readers' cognitive capabilities. Having completed dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Sociology, Clint is a perfect fit in our in-house writing team.


Leanne Burrier
Market Section

Leanne D. Burrier is a highly skilled writer with massive expertise in business writing. This owes to her degree in Business Administration. Her writing skills with enhanced marketing sense enabled her to write exceptionally SEO friendly write-up to entice maximum readership. Besides working as a dedicate writer at The Market Gazette, Leanne also authors several articles for e-zine sites, with elaborate details on facts and statistics, supporting diverse industry developments.

Phone: +17754557258

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