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Organizers Geared Up for Mega Vaccination Event at Arrowhead Stadium

Health officials stated that the mega vaccination event at Arrowhead Stadium will endorse 8,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines to the public. The two-day event commencing from Friday was previously expected to administer only 6,000 doses of the vaccine.

Organizers who would be handling the operations at the Arrowhead Stadium say the 2,000 additional doses are critical to returning to the new normal in the Kansas City Metro Area. “What we’re most excited about I think is narrowing that vaccination gap that exists and is very real in Jackson County,” said Ray Dlugolecki of the Jackson County Health Department.

Organizers are frequently reminding the public that if anyone does not have an appointment next to their name, then they are requested not to turn up at the mega vaccination event happening at the Arrowhead Stadium. Missouri’s National Guard mass vaccination teams will be onboard to handle the operations at the site. Around 60 members will be sent to help each day.

Col. Russell Kohl, the Missouri National Guard Medical Liaison said that they will provide the health officials with logistical support by keeping a check on the paperwork of the individuals. The conventional step has been taken so that the health care providers can solely focus on administering the vaccine and making the task easier for them.

He further stated that the state will contemplate holding more mass vaccination events in Kansas city depending on the availability of the vaccines. The state projections surged up since January as the number reached around 200,000 to 250,000 doses per week which were grounded earlier at around 4,000 per week. The mass vaccination event has helped the cause of the officials to administer more people rapidly especially the age group above 50 years of age.

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