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Older Google Pixel Cameras Failing at Astonishing Rates

Android Police have tracked down various reports of broken cameras on the Google Pixel 2 and 3. Tons of 1-star reviews are being bombed over the Pixel-exclusive Google Camera app. Users say their cameras no longer work or are facing issues. Google also mentioned that there are no software issues that they know of and suggested that they face a hardware failure.

Some problems are that the camera app is instantly crashing when opened, or an error message reading “Something went wrong. Close and open the camera app again” pops up. There are various theories about the cause all over the internet. It is hard to blame the software bug as Google camera, and the third-party apps are affected.

The Pixel Help forum has the main complaint thread with almost 900 replies by now. Pixel 2, the oldest mobile, seems to be the most affected device. However, similar reports have been created for Pixel 3, 3a, and 4. As every Pixel camera has the same camera sensor (a Sony IMX363/IMX362), the possibility is that they are all affected.

When Android Police got in touch with Google, they said, “the company offered hardware failures as a potential explanation—either due to wear and tear over time or abuse such as physical damage or drops. The company invites those affected to contact Google’s customer support to explore their options.”

Many Google Nexus phones also faced the same hardware issue due to the flash memory defect. A series of class-action suits were also filed against these phones as they would eventually stop working.

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