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Nearly a Quarter of Arthritic Patients Get no Exercise

Surveying the American Patients suffering from Arthritis reveals that one-third of this disease-affected groups follow a routine which lacks an exercise of any form. Even though exercising is expected to boost overall health of Patients suffering from arthritis, it is still severely lacking. Overall body movement can help Patients with the pain experienced, and also enhance quality of life.

A survey from last month by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Preventions reflects upon the percentage of adults involved and devoid of any physical activity. It states that 67% of U.S. adults suffering from arthritis are engaged in physical activity. This is mostly dominated by something as simple and yet effective as walking.

Despite the comparative larger percentage of people with arthritis aware of exercising benefits and implementing the same in their daily routine, the remaining 33% is equally important to address. There still exists scope for a solid public health action, said the lead researcher Dana Guglielmo. She said that it is very important to stimulate this form of action by improving interaction between the arthritis Patients and healthcare providers. Arthritis is considered to be the most predominantly reported cause of disability in Americans in adults above the age of 15.

According to a survey, of the total arthritis Patients engaged in physical activities, 71% of the respondents routinely get their exercise done via walking. Whereas 13% of them work on body movement through gardening chores and the remaining 7% actively lift weights.

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