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NASA’s Dart mission declared to be a success.

The DART mission by the American Space Agency has been declared a successful mission. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) has been declared to be a successful event earlier today. The DART mission was conducted to make DART spacecraft be sent into space and intentionally collide with an asteroid Dimorphous. This test was done to determine if spacecraft could change the orbit of rocks and asteroids in space and prevent them from colliding with Earth in the near future.

NASA’s planned to intentionally crash a $330 million worth DART robot spacecraft into an Asteroid to prevent the destructive effects on the planet. The spacecraft, weighing half a ton, was sent into space with the speed of four miles per second and hit the target asteroid, Dimorphous. The only aim of this science experiment is to analyze the destruction and its prevention in the future. We have been hit by asteroids before and these accidents will happen again too.

The space scientists want to learn the deflection of asteroids in order to prevent future collisions with Earth. The scientists believe that collision of the DART spacecraft with the asteroid Dimorphous will provide them with important data on how a well-developed spacecraft protects Earth. DART, launched last November, was scheduled to hit the target asteroid in the beginning hours of September 27, British Summer Time zone.

The impact of comets and asteroids have destroyed Earth in the past too. The most popular collision happened around 66 million years ago, in Mexico by the asteroid Chicxulub. It had the energy of billions of atom bombs and destroyed more than 75% of the entire plant and animal species in Mexico, including all land dinosaurs. The scientists believe we will most likely face such incidents sometime in the near future.

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