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NASA is planning to Crash the ISS into the Pacific Ocean

NASA plans to crash the International Space Station (ISS) into the Pacific Ocean. The move isn’t happening anytime soon. However, did share more details about its plan to transition the ISS out of service at the end of 2031.detailed the plans in the International Space Station Transition Report.

The idea is to help private and commercial sectors get established in the late 2020s. Then, NASA will bring the station into a deorbit. The news comes on the heels of expanding the ISS’s mission to 2030 by the Biden-Harris administration.After the mission has ended, The ISS will have been at work for over 30 years. The station launched in 1998 and has been a beacon of hope for astronomers hoping to learn more about the universe surrounding us. They have learned a lot and thanked NASA and other space organizations’ efforts there.

NASA wants to rely on Commercial LEO Destinations (CLCD) to help lead the way in the future says it will need at least one CLD to meet its ongoing needs. Of course, will also take the health and status of the ISS into account. Currently, says the plan should allow an overlap between CLDs launching and the deorbit of the ISS.

Once NASA is ready, the ISS will be crashed into the Pacific Ocean at Point Nemo. Point Nemo has acted as a graveyard for hundreds of spacecraft in the past. It’s the furthest point in the ocean from land. This should remove the possibility of any debris causing harm to anyone. Additionally, says it will take proper precautions to ensure the deorbit goes as smoothly as possible.

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