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Moderate Vigorous Exercise Can Effectively Enhance Fitness

The researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have conducted the largest study to date evaluating the association of physical activity with fitness. Researchers have found that investing more time in exercising rather than being sedentary can significantly boost fitness. BUSM study establishes that indulging in moderate to Vigorous physical activity more often translates to elevated physical fitness.

Understanding the influence of various forms of habitual physical activity on physical fitness helps researchers deliver key findings. The aim of the study is to provide some essential information aiding in the improvement of physical fitness and overall health, said the corresponding author Matthew Mayor.

Nayor, who currently works as the assistant professor, BUSM, with his team of researchers, examined nearly 2,000 participants. The participants were agglomerated from the Framingham Heart Study, during which they were put under comprehensive pulmonary exercise tests (CPET).The tests were conducted to rely on the idealized measurement of physical fitness that is the “gold standard”. As per the research findings, dedicated exercises that include moderate to Vigorous activity to be the most effective means to improve fitness.

In comparison to exercising, walking, and a sedentary lifestyle, the researchers found exercising to be highly efficient. It was three times more efficient as compared to walking alone. It is significantly higher in efficiency accounting for 14 times greater efficiency than sedentary time spent.The study also suggests that a higher amount of time spent on exercising or greater steps/day could somewhat overshadow the negative effects of being sedentary.

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