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Microsoft Presents Starfield at E3 Online Event

The video game industry’s annual trade show had to be conducted virtually this year. This format gave the publishers a new format to present their upcoming games and their titles.

The E3 gaming show took place on Sunday and is expected to go on till Tuesday. Nintendo is expected to present its new releases on the last day of the show. Further, several companies like Microsoft, Square Enix, and Ubisoft are some of the big publishers presented over the weekend of the show.After Sony has pulled out of the event in the year 2019, the E3 gaming showcase has lost steam.

Further, the show’s long-time host, Geoff Keighley, skipped the event in the year 2020, which was not a point of excitement for the viewers.However, E3 is still a big platform for several other companies to hype up their new releases and blockbusters. There have been several highlights from the event’s conduction in the present year.Until the weekend, the biggest revelation of the show was the big release of Microsoft, Starfield, which is a sci-fi epic from Microsoft Bethesda.

In the previous year, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, the iconic publisher’s parent company, for USD 7.5 billion, which has been an industry-shaking deal. The major outcome the analysts had expected from the acquisition was exclusivity for the Xbox, for some Bethesda titles. Microsoft did not wait to reveal their deal with the company.

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