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Microsoft Gives Windows 10 a Makeover

Microsoft is giving the File explorer in windows 10 a new look. The company started testing this in windows 10 that also included changes to the icons in the file explorer including recycle bin, Documents folders, and devices like disk drives.

Microsoft said that the new icons will only be available to Windows Insider members in the developer channel. The new icons are for top-tier user folders such as Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures along with a new design for the Recycle Bin. However, Microsoft also noted that after upgrading to the build, users may witness a loss of personalized folders pinned to Quick Access. It suggests that users should make a note of the pinned folders before upgrading as it is working on a fix for it currently.

Microsoft updated many icons for its inbuilt apps to modernize the look of Windows 10. These apps include Calculator, Groove Music, Mail, Calendar, and more. Amanda Langowski, Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief said that several changes such as orientation of the folder icons and the default types icons have been improved to greater consistency.

The company is also testing a new feature that will share details of your internet history, including your searches and frequently-visited websites, with other core parts of the operating system. This new feature popped-up in the latest beta version of Microsoft Edge – the default web browser that ships with Windows 10. The company also added that browser Edge will connect local browsing data from this profile with the rest of Windows. Turning this feature on will help you find information from your history, favorites, top sites, and recent tabs more easily using features such as the Windows search box. If you turn off this feature Microsoft Edge will remove the data shared with Windows on the device and stop sharing any new browsing data from this profile.

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