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Michelin Star Rated Chefs creating Burger for McDonald’s Overseas

One of the most famous fast-food franchises of the United States, McDonald’s, has several fans for its food. However, the burgers there are not mainly made by Michelin star chefs here. Overseas, that is not the case.

The Denmark McDonald’s has teamed up with a Michelin star awarded chef, Paul Cunningham. He is the one who has created the Eat This, Not That Burger. He is reported to be one of the most respected chefs in Denmark.

The Homestyle Bearnaise is his burger and is available only in the Danish market as of now. On the official Denmark McDonald’s website, they write, “Our new Homestyle Bearnaise is developed by gourmet chef Paul Cunningham. It consists of 100% beef, Bearnaise sauce, potato sticks, smoked onion puree, roasted onions, salad, and melted cheese with cheddar – all in a delicious soft brioche bun.”

The Americans need to worry and be sad about the unavailability of this burger in the United States. They still have a reason to be excited about the new range of products McDonald’s offers.

According to a previous Fox News report, on February 24th, McDonald’s will launch a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich nationwide. Knoxville, Tennesse, and Houston, Texas outlets have been the test centers for the same.

As per the survey, these sandwiches are served with fried chicken filet on a potato roll, topped with some pickles and butter. A deluxe version of the same includes veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. No reports to date show any sign of these being created by Michelin Star Chefs.

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