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Medicines detected to cause heart failures in diabetes

The European society of cardiology has found medicines that are linked to the failure of heart in a diabetes patient. A study by the ESC conducted in 2022 states that the non-steroids and anti-inflammatory medicines are linked to the cause of heart failure in the Type 2 diabetes patient. These medicines are aspirins, naproxen and ibuprofen (commonly known as Advil too).

These medicines are extremely common type of anti-inflammatory properties. These drugs have side effects that result in strokes or sudden heart failure. Study done by doctors at Copenhagen University, Denmark, states that in their study almost 1 of every six patient was type 2 diabetes that claimed at least one non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drug as per the prescription. Generally, it is advised to get prescribed medications from a doctor. However, this study shows that the doctor might be adding the risk to a patient’s life.

The research focussed on the connection between these NSAID and the first heart failure hospitalization (hospitalizing in case of strokes/heart attacks) but the data is not appropriate in context of type 2 diabetes patients. The researchers stated that the NSAIDs might cause more harm to these type 2 diabetes patients in comparison to the ones without this condition.

The study was also conducted to analyze the heart failure and usage of these drugs in certain subgroups. Strong connection was found in patients above the age of 65 years who not much of the association was found in the patients below 65 years of age

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