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Lunar History can be Altered by the Lunar Sample

A Chinese space capsule in late 2020 delivered fresh moon samples to Earth for the first time in about four decades. These precious Lunar rocks revealed that its volcanoes were alive and active considerably longer than scientists assumed. The study was published in Journal Science.

Alexander Nemchin, a professor of Geology at Australia’s Curtin University and author  said that all the experience gives them the idea that the moon should be cold and dead 2 billion years ago. This brought in the question why.International team of researchers discovered that some of the newly transported moon rocks contain Lunar fragments from later days of the white orb’s timeline. That dated back to two eons ago, these newly collected fragments are young. Those same pieces are also remnants of a volcanic eruption.

By Connecting the dots researchers realized they were looking at confirmation that the Lunar surface was alive pretty late in the game. The international research team Nemchin said that they need to dig deeper with this. They are highlighting that the current views need readjustment — further research will reveal how dramatic this readjustment should be.

The saga began last year in December, when China’s Chang’e 5 mission sent a spacecraft to scrape the surface of the moon and collect a variety of rock and dust samples for Earth-based analysis. It returned with about 2 kilograms of extraterrestrial material.Nemchin also added that Apollo samples have been worked on for the last 50 years and are still actively investigated. They first checked what is present in the fragments.

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