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Long Covid-19 Impact can be traced through Medical Imaging

A new medical study can reveal Covid-19’s long-term damage to the body. Medical images have disclosed damage to the patient’s muscles, nerves, joints, soft tissues, and bones.

In the journal Skeletal Radiology, the report published on February 17th confirms how the body attacks itself. Various imaging types, including ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays, can be used to verify the same.

Dr. Swati Deshmukh, author of the report and assistant professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said, “What we have found is that in some patients with COVID-19, the virus triggers an autoimmune reaction. Simply put, the virus tricks the body into attacking itself.” Inflamed nerves and dead tissues are signs showing the body attacking itself.

To understand the radiological images, one needs an expert’s eye. Dr. Deshmukh says she studied several pictures of various patients with damaged tissues, dead tissues, damaged joints, blood clots, and inflamed nerves. These reports help the doctors determine the best possible treatment for their patients.

These images also show how the impact of Covid-19 can last for months. Tajma Hodzik battled Covid in June 2020 and is still facing issues. The effect has been long-lasting and also induced an autoimmune disease called COVID-induced psoriatic arthritis.

Hodzik said, recalling, “My entire body and all the joints in my body were inflamed. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t do anything independently. I couldn’t shower, eat, walk.” She visited the doctor for the same again in 2020.

With these radiological images, patients will be offered better treatment.

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