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Jupiter has an Identical Twin

Researchers have found identical Twin for the fifth planet. The planet is called K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb. The exoplanet orbits it’s stars at a similar distance from its star as the fifth planet is from the sun. The study was published in the Royal Astronomical Society.

The exoplanet is 17,000 light-years from the Earth. The researchers used Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the gravitational method to identify the planet. The researchers also used the data gathered by Kepler in 2016.

The lead author of the study has discovered that using a space telescope that was not designed for microlensing observation is optimal for sciences. The exo planet is the microlensing the exoplanet that was discovered from the data. During its nine-year existence, Kepler discovered over 2,700 verified exoplanets, but this is the first time Kepler, or any other space-based observatory, has discovered an extrasolar planet through a microlensing event.

In January, the astronomers reported the discovery of the new changing history. The planet is outside our solar system. This research validates the dreamers who were dreaming about the celestial bodies. One such finding was awarded the noble prize. Now, NASA has discovered more than 5000 exoplanets. There can be viewed from various dimensions. There are hot jupiters that orbit closely to our planet.  A principal Investigator has said that the Kepler has given us a way to observe the wether condition allowing the researchers to observe the mass of the exoplanet. It is the exact Twin of the fifth planet.

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