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Instagram No Longer Allows Adults To Message Minors

Instagram has spiced its privacy policy. The policy limits the conversation between teens and adults. This policy will make this platform more teens safe. The app prohibits the adults from direct messaging the teens who don’t follow them.

The safety prompts will allow teens to report or block the unknown adults who message them. The prompts will also warn them not to feel pressured to respond to the text. It also warns them to be careful while sharing images, videos, or any personal information.

This safety notice will appear when Instagram finds the adult behavior suspicious. The company doesn’t reveal the tracking method but says the suspicious include sending follow requests or messages to a large number of people under 18. The Facebook owner Instagram announced that this feature will be available in many countries shortly.

The company also announced its latest project plans. The company is currently developing new artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This will allow the company to detect the age of the users. Currently, the users must be above 13 but it is easy to lie about the age and create an account. The company plans to stop this from happening and hasn’t exactly unveiled the actual process behind this.

New teenage users are recommended to create a private account. If the users want to use a public account the company shows the benefits of using a private account and also ways to change the public account into a private account.

Instagram has also made it much harder to find teens. This will also prohibit the teen users in suggested accounts also. The company will also hide the comments of the teen users on public posts.

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