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Instagram Launches its own TikTok Duet

Instagram launched a small video platform called Reels. The new Remix feature is similar to TikTok’s Duet. users can interact with another user’s reel by sharing their own video alongside it.

To remix someone else’s reel user must tap the menu icon. Then can record a new video in the app or upload a pre-recorded one from your camera roll. Instagram offers some editing options, including ones for audio, effects, and playback speed. The feature is enabled by default on new Reel uploads. You can switch them on for older videos via the menu on each post. Users can see other users’ remixes of your reels through the activity tab. Remixes you’ve made of other videos will pop into your profile’s Reels section.

The duet was a key reason why TikTok grew into such a massive platform. Along with adding harmonies to other users’ songs people have used duets to take part in dance challenges and share reaction videos.

Instagram reels were launched in August last year. The reels seemed to recreate TikToks on the platform. The company added more TikTok-like features while also deemphasizing any content that’s been recycled. It added a Reels button to its home screen and even ensured the videos made the cut for its global Lite app.

Both TikTok and Reels offer users the tools to make and share short videos between 15-60 seconds. You navigate the videos by scrolling up and down, like a feed, not by tapping or swiping side to side as users are more accustomed to on other platforms. Video creators have multiple tools to edit their videos. There are many filters and the ability to search for sounds to score their video.

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