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Hundreds Died Due to Heat Wave in Pacific Northwest

As per the trusted sources, the historic Heat wave in Pacific Northwest has spread over a large part which led to the record of high temperature in countries like Canada as well as caused hundreds of deaths in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia over the previous week.

Over 63 people have lost their lives in Oregon since Friday, as stated by the state medical examiner in Oregon. Among these, around 45 deaths were reported in Multnomah County, including Portland. The region witnessed a rise in temperature to record a high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Multnomah County’s health officer named Dr. Jennifer Vines stated that the major cause of death among the people was hyperthermia, which is an abnormally high temperature of the body which affects the body’s Heat tolerability. Several people who died were found alone and in a place without air conditioning.She further added that this was a health crisis which is not much discussed how deadly an extreme Heat wave can be, especially to the people who are vulnerable to it.

She expressed her grief over the death number of people and said that she knows many county people who have been looking out for each other. She said that the summers are getting warmer every year, and this condition is likely to happen again over the coming years.As stated by British Columbia’s chief coroner, Lisa Lapointe, almost 486 on-spot deaths have been reported between Friday to Wednesday, and the number is likely to witness a rise.

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