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HIMSS to Begin New Technology Development Initiatives to Improve Patient Care Delivery

HIMSS will reveal new patients and along with the state of health in the next week.When it comes to integrating new Technology, don’t get fooled by attractive objects. The crucial part of Technology is to make it for patients, most importantly affordable.

The patient consultant said that while accessing a healthcare portal or telehealth online if there is no proper broadband connection, the online healthcare service of no use. It is important to enter the healthcare ecosystem as stakeholders and provide universal access to broadband to the patients. Only this will allow them to access the healthcare portal or access telehealth, she added.

All the panelists will be discussing and talking on telehealth and online healthcare portals at the HIMSS’ State of Healthcare event. Besides affordability, accessibility is also the main concern. The patient consultant said the U.S has advanced health, but if the patients are unable to use the system, it is useless.In her opinion, health literacy is important for the deaf, blind population, and language may be of concern for access to the system.

These barriers can be broken down into affordability, accessibility, connectivity, and a proper understanding of heath terms and conditions.In recent years, questions regarding usability greatly circulate in the Technology-led healthcare world. The questions are mostly raised by the senior population. According to a study conducted by JAMA Study, it is observed that 38% senior patient population face hearing issues, tech usability, or visual defects.

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