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Growing range of applications and demand for high power devices is boosting the global IGBT market growth

The current and future market attractiveness determines the global IGBT market is progressive. The key factors having a major influence on the market are the superior on-state current density, capability to produce smaller chip size, save cost, low driving power & simple drive circuit, easy control on high voltage and high current applications, excellent conduction, forward & reverse blocking capabilities. This is driving the growth of global IGBT market.

Adroit Market Research report on the global IGBT market offers a detailed global overview. The report studies the key factors influencing the market such as market drivers, threats, opportunities, and challenges. The historic years taken under consideration are 2018-2020, base year 2020, and projected growth estimates for years 2021-2028. The report studies the current market position and based on current findings predicts the future state of the market. The Porter’s Five Forces analysis and SWOT are used to give a detailed study of the competitive landscape.  The report covers all the key players, company profiles, major undertakings, financial information, and more. This helps the market entities get the exact idea of the on-going competition and how to act in the market to beat the competitors.

On the basis of different approaches the market has been classified on the basis of power rating namely High, Medium, and Low power IGBT. The high power rating is the major shareholder in the global market. The segment is projected to grow exponentially even in the future because it provides high switching speed and is highly efficient.On the basis of different approaches the market has been classified on the basis of End User namely consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation, and aerospace. The consumer electronics segment has recorded major revenue and is anticipated to get good growth opportunities due the factors like high voltage and high current capabilities that is enhancing the performance of the consumer electronic devices.

The main IGBT manufacturers active in the global market spread all over the world and those have also excelled in distribution and sales area are Infineon Technologies, GeneSiC Semiconductors, ROHM, Microsemi, ON Semiconductor, Powerex, Microchip, Vishay, and STMicroelectronics. The global market is comprised of new entrants and established ones. The competition is fierce among the new entrants and traditional players racing to provide prime modules to the customers. Also, emerging players are providing healthy offerings of IGBT in the market in terms of new advances in power devices.

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