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Google Updates its Privacy Label

Google has updated its privacy label for many apps listed in the App Store. Apple had made few policies mandatory for apps to reveal their data sharing practices. These privacy labels are available in every app listing on the App Store under the App privacy section. It also provides details about the data that is tracked and collected by the app.

This new privacy label gives the user a clear understanding of the data collected and data that is used for third-party advertisements, for advertising and marketing its own products, for analytics, better product personalization, or improving app functionality. has suite apps on the App Store including common apps like Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Photos, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Chrome.

Google search app collects data like coarse location, search history, browsing history, and the advertisements you have viewed online for advertising purposes. The company also collects location, email address, name, user id, device info, and advertising data. User id details include name, handle, account ID, assigned user ID, customer number, probabilistic identifier, or other users- or account-level ID.

Youtube also tracks details like address, Email address, name, phone number of the user, and device information. It also collects the data for providing better third-party advertisements. Google Docs and Drive do not collect data for third-party advertising. They collect data for analytics, product personalization, and improving app functionality.

The company has not updated the privacy label for maps and Google photos. Apple had made it mandatory for the apps to fill in the details when submitting an update for review. The last update for maps and photos was launched in December.

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