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Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out Soon

Google is releasing the March 2022 Product Reviews Update, which is the third edition of the product reviews update. The April 2021 Product Reviews Update and the December 2021 Product Reviews Update were the prior two versions. The March version of this specialty ranking algorithm was upgraded to include more signals and criteria. At around 12:00 p.m. ET on March 23, 2023, Google began rolling out the March 2022 product reviews update.

For the time being, this only affects English-language pages, but Google has hinted that it may expand to other languages in the near future, maybe before another formal product review update. “We want to open up product review support for more languages,” added. also stated that it will take three weeks to complete and that it will have an impact on “product reviews across numerous sites” – Google claimed “many sites.”

As with prior product review updates, sites affected by this will notice a significant increase in traffic. As a reminder, the product reviews update prioritises higher-quality product review content above lower-quality product review content. Updates to product reviews are not fundamental updates, but they may be misinterpreted as such. Currently, I am seeing very little movement in the Google search results at the time of writing.

That could change at any time, but the SEO industry is currently quiet on ranking adjustments, and the tracking tools have yet to detect any volatility. Are ranking lists and comparative reviews affected by product review updates? Yes. All types of review content are affected by the product review modifications. Google best practises are also applicable. Because ranked lists are shorter, you may wish to display expertise and reaffirm authenticity in a more concise manner.

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