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Google Pixel 5, A Dream Phone Everyone Wishes to Buy

As we move closer towards the revelation of Google Pixel 5 later this year, rumors have swirled around the specs of the phone across people. The Android 12 preview provides an insight into what’s the Next Google Pixel 5 is going to bring into the technical setup of the State.

As you’d expect, the Android 12  Developer preview builds have been ever-growing. It has been providing quite a trove of new details about the next Google Pixel phones, such as the Pixel 5a. We round up some of the prolepsis about the new Google Pixel 5 through the Android 12 Developer preview.

The information about the Google Pixel’s new phone comes from renowned Google Camera and Android community member cstark27. The Pixel 5a moniker has long surfaced in the news and even mentioned almost a year ago in the Android Open Source Project. The new mention in the Android 12 Developer preview gives us reinstating confidence in Google’s brand name.

Google has never lagged in giving codenames to its new launches, and this time it is no different. A leaked internal document presented last year referred to the Pixel 5a with the codename “Barbette,” while the actual name entitled to the phone is “Barbet.”

The corrected barbet codename for the Pixel 5a has since been confirmed by the APK Insight Team’s investigation of version 8.2 of the Google Camera App. This approval puts the Pixel 5a one step closer to release. For comparison, the Pixel 4a received BIS approval about two months before it arrived in the US and four months before its launch in India.

As we move steadily forward, we will reveal more information about the Google Pixel SmartPhone, which is set for launch in the later stages of 2021.

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