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Forever Chemicals Found in Restaurant Food Wrappers

The new study by the consumer reports found that Forever chemicals were detected from the fast-Food Wrappers belonging to a popular restaurant chain. Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are called chemicals forever because they are human-made and cause more significant damage to our environment.

The study also showed that this chemical was found in excessive levels in Food Wrappers for some products from famous food chains like Burger King, Stop & Shop, Sweetgreen, Nathan’s Famous, Cava, and Arby’s. The favorite hot dog seller noticed the highest indicators of PFAS 876 ppm for one bag of sides and 816 ppm for another load of sides.

The new study also announced that Denmark only allows a 20 ppm limit for the chemicals, and also California is striving for less than 100 ppm. The latest research tested 118 food products with many samples from over two dozen stores and fast-food chains in Connecticut, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.  The 118 samples were collected during August and November in 2021.

The research group also added that their discovery does not mean all products from the food-chain restaurants and businesses could have changed their wrapping covers by the time the report was released.  Other products that saw high amounts of PFAS were Arby’s bag for cookies, Cava’s tray for kids meals, and McDonald’s bag for french fries. The chemical detected can affect the person’s immune system and make them vulnerable to infections.  The research group also recommends pthat eople avoid places known for high PFAS in their packaging, take food out of the packaging, and not heat it up in its original packaging.

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