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Fish fossils found in China, determines jaw

Fossils of fish have been found in China which could determine the jaw of humans. Two fossils of fishes have been found in lands of China which could be around 400 years old. These fossils can help the researchers understand the very first development in humans and how they evolved in general. This study has been conducted by Zhu Min and is being published in Journal Nature on its website.

These fossils were well preserved and were found, respectively, from the southwest region of China – Chongqing Municipality and Guizhou Province by Zhu Min’s team. The ancient fish fossils, five of which are new, include the oldest known jaw vertebrates with teeth, which is noteworthy.

The Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) believes that the origin and discovery of jaw is the most important and intense discovery to be ever done in history. The lead author of this research asserts that most human body parts like the, eyes, nose, and mouth are descended from fishes. The appearance and ascent of the jaw vertebrates are supposed to have marked a significant breakthrough “from fish to humans,”.

In order to bring to the public for the first time the earliest teeth, skull, and body from any jaw vertebrate—which were previously completely unknown—the scientific team led by Zhu employed innovative technology and approaches, including highly accurate CT scans and massive data analysis.

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