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Fireball or Space Junk?

A long Fireball could be seen in the skies of Scotland and Ireland for about half a minute. But is it a Fireball or just another space junk? A long, bright, beautiful was reportedly seen over the skies of Scotland and Ireland on last Wednesday. It gave rise to curiosity in the minds whether it is the end of the SpaceX Satellite or an actual Fireball.

Some experts claim that it was just a piece of another casual asteroid. Some consider it another piece of space junk. IMO, the International Meteor Organization got flooded with more than thousand reports of this alleged Fireball witness. It was reportedly explained as a bright, sizzling object burning across in hues of green and white for about half a minute.

In the beginning, the data from UK said it might just be a piece of space junk, particularly the remains of SpaceX Starlink satellite.  But after serious inquiry, it was found that this happening was not caused by any man-made object, rather it is natural. Another analysis of the UK’s Meteor Network suggest that this event was linked with the entry of meteoroid in the asteroid belt, typically between the two major planets – Jupiter and Mars.

The reason for not believing it to be a space junk is that this bright object entered Earth’s atmosphere at a velocity of 14 kilometre per second, i.e., approximately thirty thousand miles in one hour. Coming at this speed is near to impossible for any man-made object. This Fireball was visible for up to 300 kilometres and it might be possible that the remaining parts might have fallen into the Atlantic Ocean.

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