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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Device Equipped with Monkeys, Things to See:

Elon Musk’s Neuralink, one of his many companies and the preliminary company focused on mind control has released a new blog post. The blog post got released and exhibited a video detailing some of its recent updates. The company is unleashing new hardware to make it possible for a monkey to play pong using its brain.

The video is an intriguing sight as Neuralink demonstrates how it used its sensor hardware and Brian implant to record a baseline of activity from this macaque monkey as it played a game on the screen. The monkey’s name was Pager. The game involved tokens which the macaque had to move to different squares using a joystick with its hand.

Neuralink was able to use machine learning to anticipate where Pager is going to move the physical controller and surprisingly was able to do it before when the colossal step was made. In the last Glimpses we saw of Neuralink, Musk was detailing the Link tech to live in November 2020.  The link tech lives used pigs to show how it was able to detect signals from the brain depending on distinctive stimuli.

The new demo with Pager extensively outlined which direction the company is headed in terms of human applications. While releasing the blog post on Thursday, the company claimed that the technology could also be used to help patients with paralysis. It could be used in other paradigms as well, including touch controls on an iPhone, and even typing accessing the virtual keyboard.

Musk tweeted that Neuralink new update would be able to allow someone suffering from Paralysis to use tech faster than the human signals. Extremely unique! These are obviously bold claims but the company sites lists of existing research that undergirds its existing demonstrations.

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