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Cricut limits the use of its Crafting Machines with a Monthly Package

Cricut Crafting Machines offer a customizable,  automated way to fasten up the precise cutting required in crafting projects. The capabilities of the device will restrain after the company announced a forthcoming update.Reportedly, Cricut is updating the machine’s accompanying software, Design Space by putting ends on uploads that could possibly restrict the number of projects Cricut owners are actually obliged to make.

Cricut Crafting Machines will transform the way the Design Space works, as it would restrict the activity to limited access. The Design Space has been free and unlimited for users in the past, but now Cricut Crafting Machines are restraining users to only 20 uploads per month. If the users want to upload more, then they may have to resort to subscribing to Cricut’s Access Standard Plan for $9.99 per month, or users could also Access Premium Plan for $118.88 per year.

Design Space basically comprehends to upload designs created in other apps so that they can be formatted to work with Cricut Machines. A pattern for a paper flower made in Adobe Illustrator or a logo sketched in Procreate can be uploaded so the Cricut machine knows where to cut on whatever material is being used, whether it’s paper, fabric, vinyl, or even wood.

With the new limits imposed now, a subscription is needed to cater to the functionality, the genesis to which Crafters originally bought a Cricut for. The restrictions were imposed because of the high traffic that the companies were facing due to more uploads in the past few months.

While it got recorded, the company is all set to work under full flow once again. The limit exceeds only materials, rather than an arbitrary number set by a software upgrade.

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