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China Finds Possible Extraterrestrial Civilizations

According to Chinese official media, the country’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) has received signals from ‘extraterrestrial Civilizations.’ FAST is a radio telescope that can detect signals from outer space.

Beijing Normal University researchers released their findings in a study on Tuesday. The crew claims to have identified “many occurrences of suspected technical remnants of alien Civilizations from beyond the Earth” in the study, which was translated using Google Translate. Narrowband signals, which are employed for short-range broadcasts, are included in those traces.

“Electromagnetic waves are the most suited carrier or messenger for intergalactic communication,” according to the paper. (The waves) may penetrate the earth’s atmosphere in every condition, regardless of wind or rain.” The signals are most certainly extraterrestrial Civilizations, according to Peng Bo of the National Astronomical Observatory, although they are now unable to identify them.

The chance of the signal just being interference is “extremely high,” according to the team’s experts. They intend to repeat the signal observations to see if this is the case or if the signals are from aliens. FAST, after Russia’s RATAN-600, is the world’s biggest filled-aperture telescope and second-largest single-dish radio telescope. FAST has a diameter of 500 metres. It has earned the moniker “China’s Sky Eye.” It lies in the Guizhou province in southwest China. Li Di, FAST’s lead scientist, stated that the telescope’s future goals would include the discovery of new planets and extraterrestrial creatures.

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