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Caffeine Stunts The Growth of Children.

There is no evidence that Caffeine contributes to the growth of children. The child’s height is governed by many factors. There are hundreds of genes responsible for the person’s adult height.

The general height of the child plays a major role. According to the research in the journal nutrition research reviews if the child is affected by the repeated infection during infancy can slow nutritional uptake and bone growth, as shown by a number of different studies. Moreover, whether a child has access to important dietary needs, such as milk, during their early years also influences height, as does the mother’s diet during pregnancy

In the 1980s, many studies suggested that regular coffee drinkers were at an increased risk of osteoporosis because Caffeine can lead to increased calcium excretion. Consider that caffeine was capable of weakening bones then it was conceivable that higher consumption in childhood would lead to shorter stature. The fact is Coffee drinkers also tended to consume less milk, a major source of calcium. The consumption of coffee is a reason for insufficient calcium. Researchers have found no link between osteoporosis and coffee consumption,

Mark Pendergast, author of “Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World said that there are many epidemiological studies of coffee, and they also discuss the harmful effect of caffeine.

Caffeine doesn’t stunt kids’ growth. It is probably healthier for your child to quaff a weak cup of joe than a sugary drink. It can cause increased anxiety, high blood pressure, and acid reflux, and it can also interfere with sleep

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