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Billions of T.Rexes Roamed  the Earth Over their Lifetime

T.Rexes have roamed the Earth for several years, but are not known to many today. Humans in our current form might have been around for perhaps a few hundred thousand years, what seems like an inconceivably long run compared to the lifespan of a single human. The mind-blowing fact is that before we existed, T.Rexes had its run of the place for over 10 times as long.

“There are about 32 relatively well-preserved, post-juvenile T.Rexes in public museums today,” said Charles Marshall, director of the University of California Museum of Paleontology, in a statement. “Of all the post-juvenile adults that ever lived, this means we have about one in 80 million of them.”

Marshell who is a renowned scientist published the theory and got data about extinct beasts. Billions of towering carnivores living over a few million years are still fewer than that of humans today. A new study has emerged and it aims to calculate the exact amount of squandering lizards that may have stomped and chomped their way across the planet Earth over a few million years. The result: probably about 2.5 billion altogether, but the number could actually be as high as 42 billion.

The numbers are fewer and in cognitive to the number of humans that have ever lived. It is a lot of still huge, hungry prehistoric predators, especially when we consider what a relatively rare find T.Rexes fossils are for paleontologists. The studies by prolific scientists have suggested that the population density of the T.Rexes at any given time was probably about 20,000 adults.

It is crystal clear that the human meat bags that exist in vast numbers today have a more prolific identity, and most of the current generation wouldn’t know about the T.Rexes era.

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