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Artemis Moon launch spirals due to fuel test

The launch of Artemis moon rocket will depend on the fuel test on 21 September and easy process. NASA’s prospects on the launch of Artemis 1 moon launch mission in the upcoming week could be made or broken by a critical fuel test of its brand-new mega rocket that is just a few days away.

The Space Launch System’s two hydrogen leaks will be repaired during the fuelling test, which NASA will undertake on September 21st in Florida. Additionally, a new, slower method of fuelling the 32-story booster will be tested. After two failed attempts in recent weeks, NASA will attempt to launch the Artemis 1 SLS rocket to the moon on September 27 if all goes well.

During the test, NASA will try a “kinder and gentler” liquid hydrogen loading procedure to make things easier for the fuel lines. To reduce the strain on the compressed fuel lines and seals, the process will fuel the rocket around 30 minutes more slowly than usual.

Additionally, NASA added training for the launch team to prevent the unintentional over pressurization of a fuel line, which happened during the attempt on in early September and mechanized all five manual instructions for the fuelling procedure. The approximately 3 million litres of cold liquid hydrogen and cold liquid oxygen, that Artemis 1 needs for launch, will be pumped into the rocket’s core and upper stages by NASA during the fuelling test

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