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Apple’s New Privacy Policy Creates Havoc Across Conglomerates

With the release of iOS 14.5 and the App Tracking Transparency Feature, most companies could be weathering a downfall in their ad-based businesses. A few days ago, a hotheaded war was inundated between Facebook and Apple’s as the former grew concerned about Apple’s privacy policy. Now more companies are getting concerned over it as it gives the competent option to the users to opt-out of being tracked by third-party apps.

Last week, Alibaba Group invited some marketing professionals to discuss how to revamp their strategies after the announcement of the new iOS 14.5. The Chinese Conglomerate owns one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. The company led by Jack Ma, a prolific Business entrepreneur is popular and famed among inhabitants and other people across the world. The coverage in the company’s earnings has gauged up due to a comprehensive platform and online business in China.

The concerns are throttling up the industries, and if the sources are to be believed then Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou witnessed the sight of almost half a dozen companies gathering together to discuss how they can protect their revenue following the introduction of App Tracking Transparency on iOS. China is one of the significant powerhouses in the inclination of iPhones as there are more than 300 million active users in the world’s largest markets. The restrictions imposed by on how developers can now restrict their policy will possess a direct threat to the companies like Alibaba, whose 40% of revenues come from advertising.

Somewhat the overloading of products in China could have been the key irksome link for such a step by Apple’s. It was reported that some Chinese companies were working on new ways to bypass the privacy protocol introduced by Apple’s in order to keep tracking users even when they are not willing to do so.

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